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Your back deserves as much attention as your face, not just during the summer but all year round. Our back facial includes essential oil steam treatment, special mud mask, and a light moisturizing massage.

Our herbal body wrap is a detoxification treatment that stimulates a natural internal cleansing and balancing process. A warm aromatic solution of essential oils is applied. For one hour your body absorbs the nutrient rich solution as you relax in a quiet room to peaceful music. The skin will be smoother and moister. You will experience a feeling of relaxed well-being. To reduce cellulite, tighten the skin and promote inch loss. Measurements are taken before and after. Average inch loss will vary but some have lost a total of 11-20 inches in one wrap. Results will vary depending on client.

Overall body exfoliation using an essential oil salt scrub. Next, a nourishing body butter is applied to lock in hydration. Leaves the skin very smooth and soft. This treatment is one of our most popular.

Pleasantly scented algae crème with extra fine grains polish away the skins dull, dry, outer layer. It will leave your skin soft and tingling from head to toe.

Hydrating sea salts and massage oil are blended together and massaged over the skin. This wonderful treatment leaves the skin clean, refreshed and luminous.

(65 MIN) $100
Concentrated fruit and plant enzymes applied to your entire body help make this extremely gentle treatment perfect for flaky, dry or dehydrated skin. This treatment is non abrasive and has a calming effect upon the skin. Dead cells are sloughed away leaving supple, radiant skin.

Is an ancient healing technique practiced by the Tibetans. With absolutely no discomfort, a hollow candle specially made for candling is gently placed in the ear. The other end is lit and the wick's low flame creates a slow vacuum that pulls out old wax and other toxins. This process can be safely used for adults, children and athlete's, to lessen sinus pressure, sore throats, allergies, hearing improvement, headache, earache and swimmer's ear as well as the common cold. (3 sessions are recommended some many days apart)

A relaxing massage can be a wonderful add on. (60 min) $85

Gx-99 ENDERMATHERAPIE CELLULITE TREATMENTS (50 MIN) consult and single session fee $75

The only procedure the FDA has recognized to actually work on cellulite. This series requires that you commit to 6, 12, 18, or 24 sessions depending on your level of cellulite. Take home care is definitely recommended for results. Recommended site: www.sybaritic.com

Cellulite compression spot wraps can be added on for quicker slimming and contouring results.

Prices for amino acid spot wraps are:
Arms $35 Stomach $45 Thighs & Buttocks $50

An oriental therapy which stimulates the reflex areas of the feet and hands which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. By stimulating the reflex points there is a release of stress and tension in the corresponding area of the body zone. Creates a feeling of overall relaxation, great for detoxification and balances homeostasis.



Ytsara Holistic Treatments
New Ytsara holistic treatments rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Ytsara holistic spa programs include specific Asian massages and Pranayama yoga breathing techniques to help maintain purity, to nurture the skin and to rejuvenate the soul.

( 1HOUR 15 MIN) $160
Drift away tensions while enjoying this unforgettable traditional hot Thai massage, unchanged since Thailand Ayuthaya period (14th – 18th Century) when a hot pack was administered to war soldiers returning home with muscle aches and bruises. The balancing Thai herbal poultice opens pores and brings a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release tensions and revitalize your mind. Followed by an invigorating massage using an exclusive array of traditional aromatherapy and Thai massage techniques, combined with the synergy of peppermint and mandarin oils will take your body on an exotic journey of total renewal.

Ytsara Holistic Treatments
New Ytsara holistic treatments rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Ytsara holistic spa programs include specific Asian massages and Pranayama yoga breathing techniques to help maintain purity, to nurture the skin and to rejuvenate the soul.

Slim down while you indulge yourself in the pleasures of this traditional Thai Slimming Body Ritual. To begin, a gentle organic moisturizing body scrub made from cucumber, cajuput and corn is applied to eliminate impurities and prepare your skin for a contouring body mask which contains a powerful and potent blend of 100% natural ginger extract, long pepper and clove to stimulate circulation and invigorate the metabolism. The treatment is then followed by a deep tissue slimming aromatherapy massage using a warm blend of cinnamon oil that breaks down fatty deposits. Active elements will be absorbed by your skin and released in small quantities for several hours after treatment. This traditional Thai Slimming Body Ritual is ideal to re contour your silhouette by improving skin tone and the lumpy appearance of cellulite. A series of treatments is recommended for maximum results.


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